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No Big Giveaway at 9

It’s a wrap!  Another Halloween has been unplugged, parked at the curb, and nestled under a  tarp until next year.  While there was no big giveaway at 9 as teased (and that might be a good thing after all), we did our part to contribute to the neighborhood candy-consumption cause. Happy Halloween!  Oh, and we’ll […]


The run is over.  Of the (only?) 734 discs that Netflix DVD has mailed to me our over time together, this is the very last one: Space Academy: The Complete Series – Disc 1 (?!).  Shall I continue this quest, already 45+ years in the making, to watch the remaining episodes in the series?  Maybe I’ll […]

It’s Time Again… Halloween!

Welcome back! It’s time again to resurrect the jukebox and conjure up some Halloween spirits. This year, Sam shared in the gravedigging duties as the aging codebase that broadcasts the spooky vibes to your ears needed some fixing. That’s not surprising really, since this has been a tradition for over twenty-years now. The jukebox interface […]